Thursday, 26 June 2014

Howling Bells - Live @ Scala, London. 10th June 2014.

Arguably,  London-based Australian indie-rock outfit Howling Bells are one of the must underrated bands of our time. With ten years of experience as a band and four engaging, melodic-bluesy, albums under their belts, it astounds us that they still seem to be flying relatively low under the radar. Perhaps this works in their favour though. Their fan base remains solid, loyal and true and we witnessed this when we caught them playing to a sufficiently full, but still a little bit roomy, Scala on the 10th June.

There is only one word for a live Howling Bells performance and that's mesmeric. Be it the warm, ever changing strobe lighting that alternates between casting their persons into silhouetted shadows before changing and bringing them out into the forefront of our vision, or the gloomy, atmospheric use of smoke machines that gives a dreamy hazy feel; Howling Bells stage environment is completely in harmony with their sound. Free and allusive, emotive yet mysterious,  Juanita Stein is an incredible lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Cool and unassuming, delicate yet raw,  so alluring that watching the four-piece perform is almost spellbinding. Enjoy our highlights below.

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  1. Really wanted to go to this. Went to see them at the Hackney Oslo a month or so before. Couldn't end up going to the Scala in the end, but pleased to see my favorite band live for the first time and back in storming action with new material from Heartstrings. A good year for the Bells :)

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